Frequently Asked Questions

  • I want to help. What can I contribute ?

    You can contribute financially, volunteering efforts, and in-kind (such as buildings).

  • Where will my contributions go?

    Ma'an works continuously with agencies in Abu Dhabi to ensure your contributions will be directed to where the current needs and priorities are.

  • Can I volunteer, or provide volunteers from my business?

    You or members from your business can volunteer by contacting Ma'an via the call center or applying on the website.

  • Is the government requesting contributions or is the government requesting money?

    No. Individuals and corporates have been asking to make financial contributions and volunteering efforts for the common good. The  Abu Dhabi government has asked that contributions be directed to Ma'an to ensure they are efficiently utilized and directed to where they are needed.

  • Can I contribute cars?

    Yes. That's considered an in-kind contribution.

  • Can I contribute buildings?

    Yes. That's considered an in-kind contribution.

  • What forms of volunteering do you need?

    We are looking for general and skilled volunteers.

  • I am struggling with sending the SMS contribution?

    Please determine the amount you wish to contribute (AED 50, or AED 100, or AED 500, AED 1000), and send a message with only SPACE pressed, and no other characters, to the correspondent SMS number (AED 50 number is 6658, AED 100 number is 6683, AED 500 number is 6678, AED 1000 number is 6670).

  • These contributions will benefit Abu Dhabi only, or other emirates?

    These contributions will go towards pressing priorities in Abu Dhabi that we identify working with Abu Dhabi government agencies, who also work the federal UAE authorities.

  • Can I contribute home cooked food?

    In the present circumstances, home cooked food is not preferable and it is recommended to avoid that as it imposes a health risk.

  • Can I contribute clothes from my household ?

    We accept these forms of contributions such as cash, volunteering, or other forms of in kind contribution.

  • I need assistance, can you provide me with food or money?

    Our food support program application deadline has ended. Please reach out to other entitites who provide such support.

  • How is Ma'an assisting workers during this challenging time?

    Under the umbrella of the programme, Ma'an launched its "Together We Share" Initiative that has delivered more than 15 million meals to hundreds of thousands of workers across 35 complexes in Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Al Dhafra.

  • Has the initiative ended?

    No, the initiative will keep delivering meals to workers for the foreseeable future.

  • How can I help with Together We Share?

    You can contribute financially, or register on the website as a volunteer for Together We Share and provide support in meal preparation or with meals delivery. A member of the team will revert back to you soonest. Participants wishing to contribute financially to ‘Together We Are Good’ can send SMS messages to 6670 (AED 1000), 6678 (500 AED), 6683 (100 AED) and 6658 (50 AED). They can also call 8005-MAAN for volunteering and in-kind and financial contributions above AED 1,000 or send messages on WhatsApp on 0543055366.